The demand for David’s talents has taken him on photo shoots in Italy, Germany, America, Russia, Switzerland, France, and Australia.  He has been recently working with Dutch Production Company – Endemol as well as Bravo TV.

David currently lives just outside Los Angeles, USA – where he is working on discovering and developing new talent.


David was born in Munich, Germany in 1975.  Shortly after he was born, his family relocated to Tuscany where David spent most of his childhood and adolescence surrounded by some of the most prominent art in history.

David had a natural passion for the outdoors and spent most of his young adult years immersing himself within the natural beauty of the Tuscan landscapes.

When he was old enough, David left home and journeyed to the nearby island of Isola del Giglio where he got a job as a deckhand to assist with all the needs of the myriad of tourists that visited the island.  The fact that this island is sought after by divers, because of its wondrous underwater experience, motivated David to become an expert diver.  It was this sequence of events that led David to find his true passion… Photography.

The majority of the divers that visited Isola del Giglio were not experienced enough to dive and navigate around – while taking pictures.  David was hired to go down with many of these divers and photograph the experience. 

David’s natural eye for beauty did not go unnoticed with the tourists, and he grew to having a packed daily schedule where he would sometimes have to dive over 3 times a day.  Eventually, this caught the attention of more experienced oceanographers who used David’s talents and expertise on more detailed underwater photographic expeditions.

EARLY Career

When he turned 19, David, out of a sense of duty to his country, went back to Germany to serve in the army.  After 2 grueling years of volunteering for campaigns such as the war in Kosovo, David decided it was time to get back to developing his passion.  

When he got out of the army, he immediately began putting job applications in with all of the major ad agencies in Germany hoping to get a foot in the door.  

Because none of the agencies felt that his military background was well-suited to what was needed, he was passed over for a job by everyone until one ad agency – For Sale – decided to take a chance on him and make him an intern within their graphic design department.

David took the opportunity and ran with it, rising from intern to the head of the department within 6 years.

Going Solo / M!A Modeling Agency

Eventually David decided corporate life has taught him enough, and he left in order to start his own photo studio.  He started off doing portraits and family photos, eventually growing to do weddings and special events as well.  While developing his craft for creating memorable photographic experiences, David also discovered his natural abilities for discovering and developing modeling talent.

With his growing expertise in both these areas, David co-founded the modeling agency M!a

With his talent for innovative photography and talent development, M!a grew at an exponential rate.

However, the demands of a fast-growing, successful agency kept David from where he truly loved to be – behind a camera.  The management and administrative requirements were taking up all of his time, and he realized this is not where he wanted his life to go.  David then decided to leave M!a after a few years so that he can grow as a photographer.


Photography Career

As soon as David got back behind the camera, requests for his services began to pour in.  He did a campaign with the sports equipment and clothing giant – Head, as well as urban clothing line Ecko Unltd.

David also branched out to do photo shoots with Dog-Eat-Dog, which was a American Hard-Punk Band, as well as brand development shoots for Lippert’s Friseure, which is a hairdressing establishment known for its celebrity clientele.

David was also featured on, which is one of the leading online publications for the fashion industry.

TELEVISION - David’s body of work soon caught the eye of several TV shows, and soon David worked with models who where part in the show Germany’s Next Top Model.

See David working with International German Model Sensation Vanessa Hegelmaier & Model & TV Host Alena Gerber

David also was the principal photographer for the German hit show Top Cut, as well as worked with talents of the reality show Pop Stars.